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Green Eggs and Hammered Bar Crawl

Green Eggs and Hammered -St. Patt’s Day Bar Crawl!

Saturday, March 15, 2013Unknown

Your ticket includes: crawl T-shirt, St. Patty’s swag, drink specials throughout the crawl, complimentary buffet at the final location,

Ticket prices: $15

At the door: $20 (cash only)

Sign up here!



12:00-1:30:  Registration at Back Bay Social Club

Complementary meat candy dishes to begin crawl!


1:30-2:30:   Daisy Buchannans


2:30-3:30: LIR


3:30-4:30:   Pour House


4:30-Forever: Dillons

Complementary apps to end crawl!  Food will be provided buffet style for 1 hour.


Register here:

Questions? Email

Looking for ways to give back?

Looking for ways to give back?

Join One Brick Boston for our monthly parties as part of our 2014 partnership withSlumbrew. Each month we’ll be joining a different neighborhood restaurant to socialize, catch up on past and share upcoming events, and enjoy some after work food and drinks!   

After a successful first year of partnership with Slumbrew, we’re continuing on to provide you with goodies and good times every month in 2014. Each month we’ll be celebrating One Brick Boston volunteers’ hard work at a new location around the Boston area, making it convenient for you to stop in and join the fun!  Slumbrew will be on hand to talk beer and raffle Slumbrew swag for our exciting second year of partnership with the local brewery.

January’s party at Sunset Grill & Tap will kick off an amazing year of One Brick Boston events at an Allston favorite. Enjoy free light appetizers & a tasty selection of beer, have some fun, and meet new friends.

And just to up the fun factor a bit, Slumbrew will be bringing their friends from Peak Organic Brewingto pour some samples too! It’s a party, the more the merrier; we hope you’ll bring some friends too!

Our social events are a great way to meet some of our team and other volunteers, as well as to learn more about our community. Stop in anytime throughout the party!

About Slumbrew 

Slumbrew (Somerville Brewing Company) creates highly popular unique artisanal ales. In 2013 and now in 2014, One Brick Boston has been selected to receive sponsorship, support, donations and manpower from Slumbrew. Slumbrew’s philantropitic approach is to support and celebrate those who volunteer with their time.


*S3 Boston is not affiliated with this organization. We are simply spreading the word!

S3 Boston Fantasy Football Power Rankings

I’m switching things up this week because I can’t force myself to suffer through 20 minutes of writing about ALL of your winning teams and how fucking great they did in comparison to mine. Bitter? Yes. But I don’t care. Fuck you, Jason.

Well children, we are down to the last few weeks of the regular season.  Your Tacos are Nasty and Red Warrior are positioned to clinch a first round Bye. Tebow is Better than Brady and Cowboys Suck will battle for the East, and Mr. Kraft’s Vagina (how the hell is this possible?) is set to go against Cool Injuries Bro (it’s Sean, but I am sure you didn’t know that because he changes his name faster than he changes women).  So despite the fact that 3 teams in the league hold a 5-5 record, only 1 is currently projected to make it to the playoffs. Don’t blame me, blame ESPN.

So what has changed since we drafted on top of pizza boxes? For starters, we have all learned that Jason is in fact stoppable. To prove this point I have attached screenshots of the 2 games he lost to this post. You’re welcome.

Second, the battle in the Eastern division is tough. Every team has a record of .500 or better. The Western division has Ray, and that’s all you need to know.

The Hospital of S3 continues to steamroll this league faster than Jeffrey Dahmer on steroids.  Here is a compilation of what I like to call, “the hospital’s greatest hits”:

Andre Brown

David Wilson’s career

Calvin Johnson

Randall Cobb

Basically Jordan Cameron

Ray Budd

Mike James

Of course, there is more where that came from but in interest in saving time and my sanity, you can now follow the Hospital on twitter. Stay tuned for bold predictions, injury reports, and start or sits:

While injuries have been hell for even the best teams, the waivers are hott but trades have been minimal. Clearly, we are all too pussy enough to make some moves and take risks. The waiver can only offer so much, so lets see if we can make this interesting with only a few weeks left. Just an FYI, the league’s trade deadline is approaching. All trades must be proposed and accepted by 12PM ET on Wednesday, November 20.

Last but not least, let’s look at some teams on the rise.  Finally, NE Hernanded’s players decided to start playing. Morris, Forte, and even the little engine that could, MJD, have been putting up points even if they’re on the bench.  Hospital Beds, who started out in last place, is also 5-5 since he figured out the winning formula is to kill players on his opponent’s teams.  Ron Paul’s Revolution has been doing better since Gronk came back…sort of. As for A Stroke of Luck? Well…there is always next year.

For the next 3 weeks we all face teams within our own division, which is awesome for Jason and horrible for anyone in the East. But unlike the Bills, we’re going to tough it out. At least the winner of the East has the honor of knowing the best man won.

That’s all for now kids. See you next week when the real power rankings return, unless I am too stubborn and angry to write them.


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